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During the fund raising held in Philadelphia at the La Salle University , the Philadelphia chapter donated a cheque of U$ 10,000 as a schoolarship for the needy. This is the first time that a University has received this sort of aid and the Ecumenical Order is valuating possibility to repeat the effort with the Newton University. A big thank you to all the members that donated with such generosity.

Similar donation was done after one year at the Newton University.

Articoli di GIORNALE

La Solidarietà arriva dal cielo

Si chiama “The Flying Hospital” ed è un’iniziativa Internazionale cui i Cavalieri di Malta  nella persona di S.E. il Gran Cancelliere Peter Iossif de Lemessos  (Honorary Member dell’Executive Commettee del The Flying Hospitalhanno aderito con grande entusiasmo. L’Ospedale Volante  (un jet LI0II-50) compie circa dieci missioni all’anno nelle aree più depresse e carenti di strutture mediche: fino ad oggi, ha condotto con successo missioni in El Salvador, Panama, Ucraina, Kazakistan, Ecuador, Brasile e Bolivia. Ogni missione ha la durata circa di due settimane e vede impegnata una equipe di 70 medici e 40 paramedici, tutti volontari e provenienti da tutte le nazioni. L’Equipe del “Ospedale Volante”, attrezzato con tutte le più sofisticate apparecchiature mediche specialistiche è dotato di ben tre sale operatorie oltre ad Gabinetto Odontoiatrico, riesce a visitare e curare in ogni missione circa 22.000 persone, oltre a compiere oltre 400 interventi chirurgici. Durante le missioni, inoltre, l’ala dell’aereo destinata ad ospitare i medici passeggeri durante il volo, viene trasformata in un “Centro Educazionale”, dotato di un sistema televisivo a circuito chiuso, per insegnare le più recenti tecniche chirurgiche al personale medico locale.

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 On May 5th , 2012

An official delegation of the Ecumenical Order went to Burundi for meetings with the Goverment in order to agree upon certain Humanitarian Projects that the Order would like to start .

The construction of a Hospital University in joint venture with the Goverment is being studied in order to bring also  the latest information regarding Tele Medecine in a country that will be able to assit neighbour country's in  need. The Hospital is foreseen for 300 patients whilst the University will be for 1700 students. It is planned to also have Professors  that will be from different parts of the world .

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Gala Dinner

Inauguration of the Costa Rica Chapter of the Ecumenical Hospitaller Order of Saint John Knights of Malta. Today better known as Ecumenical Hospitaller Order of St John Costa Rica.

The 13th  of February, 2013, H.I.H. Princess Alessandra Joseph de Lemessos and Knight Dr. Adam Lemmer visited Costa Rica for the official inauguration of the Costa Rican Chapter of the Order. A  Gala Dinner was giving in honor for H.I.H. Princess Alessandra, who officially inaugurated The New National Chapter of the Order.

The Gala Dinner had very well selected guests, such as Dr. Oscar Arias, Peace Novel Prize and two times President of Costa Rica, Mayor Mario Zamora actual Ministry of Security, the Consul in Miami from Costa Rica and many other professionals in different areas with the a wonderful profile for the new national Orders commitments.

During the Gala Dinner a few words were given by Lady Andrea Hulbert, H.I.H. Princess Alessandra Joseph, Prior Carlos Gaspar and Knight  Dr. Adam Lemmer; whom with their words encourage the assistants to follow our Order’s values.

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House which boards orphans aged between two weeks of life and 10/11 years.

Small creatures lovingly assisted, but no means,  comfortable environments are essential for their very young age.Our sensitivity has been shaken. You could not leave those children without giving them immediately, not only hope but practical help and warm love . and so, in addition to the 500 health cards purchased for them, steps were taken, with personal commitment of our Ambassador at Large ,and the Grand International Chnacellory it was approved  the replacement of van.  The Prince Grand Master also gifted two cows to give fresh milk to the children, , chickens , hens and a cock for the fresh eggs which could also be sold to the neighbouring villages ..

Together with all that  has been done, we proposed to provide further and continuously to the needs of the orphanage and decided to take it under our patronage.There is need of so much, therefore, in  future, for any need the orphanage may have we will in accordance with the Goverment  try to deliver the comodity .. One must make a special effort to thank GOD of the blessings we have and find a simple way to help these people. A Health card for one year costs about US$ 33.00 , Donations in relation to this are welcome.

It has been five years since The Italian Chapter through its Veneto delegation  have proposed to the Ecumenical Order to sponsor the Ngongi public Hospital in Burundi, which was accepted after long valuation.  Since then we have been able in coolaboration  with the University of Verona to send on a rotation basis doctors for curing the sick. The Ecumenical Order has brought two forty foot containers  full of medical equipment, medecines , an ambulance and beds. This was also thanks to thealso thanks to  the USA Chancellory , . The Ecumenical Hospitaller Order has proposed to the Goverment that it would like to expand the Hospital to a University Hospital. In principle it has been agreed but there still is a lot of red tape to get approved . A fututre delegation will be going on an official state visit to discuss and agree on all terms.


We then went to visit the government hospital "Prince Charles" of Bujumbura, meeting with doctors and patients.

There is no comment to express in order to explain the condition of medical equipment, operating wards etc The medical equipment  available to the operators are almost non-existent and those few that existed had  serious need of maintenance which is  not available.

A first intervention of  the 'Ecumenical Order, having learned that patient care  in Burundi is delivered only if the patient has health card , what in fact excludes the poorest,  thus the Ecumenical Order has  donated  1500 cards of which 1000 for the poor and  500 to the orphans . It is foreseen that a supplement 3500 cards will be purchased at a later date.

At the same time the Ecumenical Order  has commited itself for the additional health cards,but also to find some of the medical equipment needed and  other necessacities needed at the Hospital  such as more operating tools to fight diseases, in particular  taking into consideration  the  rise of AIDS.


An official delegation of the Ecumenical Order  of St John went to Burundi for meetings with the Goverment in order to agree upon certain Humanitarian Projects that the Order would like to start. 

The construction of a Hospital University in joint venture with the Goverment is being studied in order to also bring the latest information regarding Tele Medecine in a country that they will be able to assit neighbour country's in  need. The Hospital is foreseen for 300 patients whilst the University will be for 1700 students. It is planned to also have Professors  that will be from different parts of the world.

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For years, Lady Dr. Valentina Baldassarri annually brings her personal support and medical support health care in Costa Rica and Venezuela with a program of vaccination mainly aimed for children.

Today in the study of our experts,  expansion of this project to the livelihood of these people living in precarious conditions where health problems are related to their conditions of life and work: an unhealthy environment (unsafe and overcrowded accommodation as well as malnutrition, parasitic diseases, respiratory diseases, skin diseases which can be transmitted sexually, etc .... 

The project's main objective is : to come to the aid of children in these families, empowering parents  to collaborate in the growth and development of human values of these children, to create conditions that facilitate the formation and development of the same.

We work to improve hospital facilities in the capital, Kinshasa, and to promote good hygiene practices among displaced communities living in temporary shelters. Make a donation through credit card bank system on this web sight. In order to assist doctors to be able to travel in the field to cure patients on a weekly basis

One of Africa’s largest countries, with a population of 65 million, DRC is ranked in the bottom 10 countries worldwide on the Human Development Index, despite its vast potential wealth., Years of conflict , have created one of the world's worst humanitarian crises.


  • An estimated 5.4 million people have lost their lives since 1998, most of them from preventable diseases.
  • In 2012, there were 2.2 million internally displaced persons in the DRC, the highest in three years.
  • An additional 60 000 people fled into neighboring Uganda and Rwanda from the fighting last summer.


While DR Congo is a country abundantly rich in resources, it has struggled to realize its full potential since independence.


Your Highness

By this, I come with great respect, requesting on behalf of the people of Guinea Bissau and in my particular name, the support of  the Ecumenical Hospitaller Order of St John to support us by the purchase of 3,000 to be delivered in Ciancas Guinea . This act will marke the beginning of the realization of the journey of African fortnight that will  take place in the month of June  (1 to 16 ).

We are aware of the weight that the Ecumenical Hospitaller Order of St John represents in the world in general and in Europe, an appeal has been accepted through the International Grand Magistry to the generosity of His Highness  the Prince Grand Master to satisfy my solicitation which is a small gift for the orphans. 

Please accept my respects and gratitude, greetings and testimony of my esteem consideration Dona Isolina da Fonseca Nhamajo

First Lady